Solar services

Planning and design

At Cenergy, we are experts in designing the right solar installation for your needs. All we need is your electrical bill, and if it is not available we can do a load analysis at your home or business.


Our relationship with our clients continues beyond the startup and operation phase of their solar generating plants, we continue to monitor the system for performance and work with our customers to schedule maintenance and service calls.


At Cenergy we are NABCEP, and SEI certified this means that we have the training, experience and tools to ensure that all your solar equipment is installed according to international standards, and that your solar installation is done with reliability and longevity in mind.

Eficiency Analysis

All our solar projects start with an efficiency analysis to pinpoint areas where your building needs improvement or to identify outdated appliances or equipment that needs to be replaced. it is cheaper to replace an old fridge than to install a bigger solar installation.


  • Panel solar convierte la luz del sol en corriente directa.
  • Inversor convierte la corriente directa proveniente de los paneles, en corriente alterna que se usa dentro de un inmueble.
  • El centro de carga principal recibe la corriente alterna del inversor y la distribuye a todas las cargas del inmueble.
  • En caso de que la producción de la planta solar sea mayor al consumo del inmueble esta se va a la Red de la CFE a través del medidor bi-direccional. En cuyo caso usted obtiene crédito por la sobreproducción.

A/C services

  • Sales of mini/split systems, both high efficiency and conventional.
  • We go beyond “basic” mini-split installations, and specialize in custom mounts including roof, wall or floor mounts.
  • Troubleshoot and repair mini-split as well as central A/C systems.
  • Work with our customers to schedule and perform routine maintenance on their A/C units in order to prevent costly repairs and extend the life of the equipment.

Ahorra energía, nosotros
te decimo como.

At Cenergy, we hold the “solar professional certificate” by SEI (Solar Energy international), and a certification by NABCEP (North american Board of Energy Practitioners), ensuring that our experience, knowledge, and practices, are up to international standards.

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